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I work with clients that are small start-ups, large established organisations, and global research communities.  They are interested in the impact of their actions on their people and the communities they serve, whether explicitly social purpose organisations or regular businesses.

My background is in leading complex change initiatives in local and central government for over 11 years, following on from 7 years in policy and political engagement across a number of government departments.  I have an anchor in Social Research, applied to organisational problems, allied to the Visiting Fellowship I hold at the University of Suffolk.

I am trained and practiced in a number of human-centred practices, including design and complex facilitation.

I am:

  • a ‘Featured Social Innovator’ at the Cambridge Judge Centre for Social Innovation
  • one of 8 global 2019 Emerged Fellows at the Association of Professional Futurists
  • the 2016 Behaviour Change Municipal Journal award winner
  • published on innovation and risk in government “The Glory of Failure”

I’m based in Norfolk, where the skies are bigger.