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Esmee has a subtle and thoughtful approach to culture change, which allows teams to slow down, reflect and think deeply about what needs to change. She makes use of provocations to encourage people to identify and expose default positions, providing a safe environment to reflect and find solutions. Esmee is adept at handling difficult conversations with great sensitivity, which enables people to tackle the really tricky issues in order to develop and move forward.

Kirsten Alderson, CEO, Suffolk Family Carers

Working with Esmee has always been an enjoyable and highly rewarding experience even when confronted with the most challenging situations. She has an uncanny ability of bringing people together, getting the best from them, producing clarity, solutions and measurable results.

Stephen Singleton, Chief Executive, Suffolk Community Foundation

The organisational and personal learning from working alongside Esmee has been immense. Esmee’s insight has helped us identify what we need to do to position ourselves for the future and have impact. Esmee has created a safe environment to reflect and find solutions within the context of real and self-imposed barriers. The result is a culture where staff feel confident to speak out and take forward ideas to improve services, with positive outcomes already. 

Suzy Jackson, Head of HR, Suffolk Family Carers

Esmee always impressed me with her ability to tackle some really entrenched problems in health and social care – working with so many people, getting them each into a place where they could think and contribute and take positive action.  This takes vision, stamina and engagement skills that Esmee has in abundance.

Julie Bateman, Retired Former Assistant Director, Adult Social Care

Esmee has a way of getting a range of people to work together and taking the tension out of political situations.  She’s a strategic thinker and uses that clarity to focus on complex problems.  I’ve always been impressed by her work, particularly how she understands the key issues that really drive organisations.

Richard Lister OBE, Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Suffolk