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‘Socially Adept’ was formed by Esmee Wilcox to help organisations stay tuned and face the future with confidence.

Successful organisations grow and thrive by constantly adapting to the world around them.

The ‘Socially Adept’ way of thinking and acting goes beyond traditional ‘change management’; it’s about ‘staying tuned’ in times of rapid external change.

Esmee collaborates with a range of independent associates who share this expertise.

We get this practice to happen by:

  • People – bringing together the right cross-section of individuals to reflect, think and work on the issues.
  • Insight – creating the conditions in which everyone can make sense of what’s happening in their practice.
  • Impact – turning collective ambitions into practical actions through innovation and working alongside people until it sticks.

This works because we’re able to have those difficult conversations – whether front-line worker, middle manager, customer or Chief Executive – and find ways of getting them engaged in solving difficult problems.

Our engagement is always underpinned by the latest applied research, as far as it adds to solving real world problems.

We work with organisations that want to increase their social impact through their people.  We work across and within teams, partnerships and sectors.

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