Impacts show up through the products of the ‘doing’ and the understanding of the ‘doing’ that builds capability for what comes next



Co-created image of the future (in which the organisation is more fit for its purpose) described and written into vision and purpose statements.

Set of principles that clarifies the practical ways in which the fit for purpose organisation needs to operate

Participants’ understanding of the future vision, shows up in how they talk about and how they begin to use it in their everyday practice.

Evaluation of the work and map of the organisational system, describing the limits of what is possible, and conditions that helped the ‘doing’. 

‘Next Steps’ plan.

Participants are supported to develop insights into patterns of behaviour, what helps and hinders with transitions work, as the foundations for what comes next.

Suite of artefacts from the design, behavioural change and participatory foresight methods used in the course of the work, to consolidate the learning in practice.  

Includes the experience of working with a diverse group to understand the organisation with better insight, and address tricky transition issues.

Participants co-create the tools that make sense for them to use to continue their learning with others in their organisations’ system and network.

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