The method has three phases:

1) Understanding what is happening now.  Using social research methods with a breadth of groups and individuals to draw out the stories that illustrate patterns.

2) Describing a more ‘fit for purpose’ way of operating, getting deeper into what this looks like in practical ways, and what is needed for it to thrive.  Using participatory foresight methods to explore possibilities, plausibilities, and their relationship with the here and now.

3) Developing and testing interventions that transition from where we are now.  Using behavioural change insights and approaches. 

This sounds (relatively) straightforward, but organisations aren’t.

There’s always a twist.  Or two.

It’s really easy to get focussed on the wrong problem.  Because we don’t naturally look out and ahead.  We use the information we have to do the job in hand.  And sometimes it’s a bit too scary to take that leap.

That’s why we always work in 3s.  

It provides the means to see issues and opportunities more fully.

It builds the alliance to work on both.

So alongside the ‘typical’ beginning, middle, and end; Socially Adept’s method is to work concurrently with three parts of the organisational system, supporting them to interact with each other and build links for capability as they do.

The 3 groups typically are:

  • The Design team who lead the development of the new model, closest to where the impact is experienced.
  • The Sponsoring team who lead the development of the governance systems that support the new model to thrive.
  • The Client team who lead how to scale the model.

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