‘Socially Adept’ was formed to help organisations tackle messy, human problems.

People come here because they are at a point of transition.

They know they have a problem that needs tackling.  But what sort of problem is it?  And what will that mean?

When you have a responsibility to lead into that uncertainty, I am the ally that you need by your side.

I use known social research methods to illuminate the problem, experience of leading complex change to help you create safe ways of testing and learning, and deep facilitation skills to mobilise people around the future.

In practice, people commission me for one of three services:



  • Behavioural Insights – social research to understand the context for change.
  • Collaborative Futures – mobilising multiple actors around cross-cutting strategic issues.
  • Working through Conflict – harnessing the disruptive energy when crossing boundaries during change.


Clients commission me because I research, communicate and have experience of social impact, healthcare, local government, and political enagement.

Clients retain me because I can work anywhere in the organisation and build the right networks of support.

If you are looking to build alliances around the mission you’re seeking to start, I might just be the ally you’re looking for.

Please contact me for more information