I offer 3 ways of working with me:

1) Standalone Training for change leaders in future-focussed change methods.  

Working with the theory and practice of behaviour change and futures, in participants’ organisational contexts.  Participants are able to apply the futures methods and explain to colleagues in their range of settings. Each half-day session covers one core method.  

Programmes are designed around the client’s current organisational competence, and goals. Running a series of 6 sessions typically allows the group to work through their own transitions in taking on new ways of leading others.

2) Short-term (3-9 month) programmes to design new operating models where there is some clarity about the end point and pre-existing relationships amongst the participants to build on.

Programmes are designed around three iterative phases that build participants’ capacity to work with future-focused change:

1) Describing what is changing, understanding what is driving those changes, and the range of reasons for (and constraints in) developing a more fit for purpose model.

2) Articulating the impact and fit of a better model, describing the organisational shifts that underpin that model, and working through the trade offs in that.

3) Testing a new operating model in practice, working through the practical impacts and adapting.

Programmes include sessions for the ‘governance’ group in supporting them to lead change in the systems they operate in.

3) Longer-term (9-15 month) programmes where there is more ambiguity, more complexity in the operating environment, typically stakeholders and participants needing to form the governance and working groups before starting. 

Programmes follow the same phased approach as the shorter ones, with a longer timeframe and budget to allow for more people to participate, across organisational and functional boundaries, and impact on a larger scale.

Please contact me for a first conversation.

I also run regular open access ‘Everyday Futures’ workshops online.

I run cycles of the Behavioural Series, and the Analytical Series.

The current series runs on Tuesdays 1245 to 1345 on zoom.

Session 1:  19 September: Working with the Three Horizons Framework.

Session 2: 17 October: Working with the Futures Triangle Framework.

Session 3:  21 November:  Working with Causal Layered Analysis.