Futures Practice Hour

Thinking about the future can be either so scary or seem so futile that we don’t ever do it in meaningful ways.  When we look at the world around us, we assume we don’t have the power for change. Uncertainty is the new normal, and that makes it even harder to lead change.


Futures tools don’t take these dilemmas away. But they offer us ways of working constructively with them. To be informed as we navigate the terrain around us.


I’m running two series of ‘Everyday Futures’ workshops to open up some of the frameworks that the Futures and Foresight community use, to people leading change in a variety of contexts, to:

• work in situations we haven’t encountered before, 

• with people who are different from us, 

• and find novel approaches.


The Behavioural Series steps through the ‘Three Horizons’, ‘Futures Triangle’ and Causal Layered Analysis methods.


The Analytical Series steps through VERGE, Futures Wheels, and into infant scenarios.


The next Behavioural Series runs Tuesdays at 1245 to 1345 on 19 Sept, 17 Oct, and 21 Nov.


The Analytical Series will run Jan, Feb, March 2024 dates tbc.