The Stranded Assets of Us

We think of stranded assets as locked in oil and gas commodities. But what if we think about our own assets that are locked in. How can we reclaim them?

Intelligent Failure

Professor Amy Edmondson giving talk on failure at the RSA

Prof Amy Edmondson gave a talk about intelligent failure at the RSA on 26 September. Why we need to pay attention more and be curious. Lessons for our ‘future for work’.

Futures Practice Hour

Thinking about the future can be either so scary or seem so futile that we don’t ever do it in meaningful ways. When we look at the world around us, we assume we don’t have the power for change.

Futures tools don’t take these dilemmas away. But they offer us ways of working constructively with them.

Changing the Value Proposition for Co-Production

Co-production remains on the margins, not because we don’t care enough. Our policy systems don’t require it. But co-production is the natural state in which networks thrive, and healthcare can’t be fixed by hospitals and social care on their own.

On My Radar

Looking out for stories about how we connect, how we consume and how we destroy as part of our Futures workshop series. 3 stories piqued my interest this month.

Amidst the Fog

Mist over trees

Working with uncertainty is unsettling. We all need points of reference. Futures frameworks can help us ‘read the compass’. Here’s 4 insights from our recent ‘Everyday Futures’ learning sessions.

Spring Media Review Images from Nature

daffodil with bee

Review of media for March. Stories that we need to help us move towards net zero. Why stories matter; and some of them. Stories that work with what we know about human behaviour: we need pulls towards what we want, not just stories of loss.

Three Questions for Three Horizons

Bamboo growing in sunlight

Three Horizons is one of those simple Futures tools that works really well in making sense of complex issues. It can be used in the background, when we just want to be more informed and intentional about change.  It can also be widened and deepened in working explicitly with groups of people. At its core, it’s… Continue reading Three Questions for Three Horizons

The Innovation Blog: Using your wing mirrors

Vikramjit Kakati from Pixabay

There’s a balance to be struck by all of us between working on the thing that’s in front of us, and building the foundations for what we need to work on next.  When you’re ‘running to keep up’ that foundational work can feel like a luxury.  But oh my goodness there’s nothing like a pandemic… Continue reading The Innovation Blog: Using your wing mirrors

Working on the Difficult Stuff: March Practice Notes

Image by engin_akyurt Pixabay

Perhaps it’s not in vogue to write about the difficult stuff.    But I’m always wrestling with work which, no matter how long I’ve been doing it, is still hard.  It’s emotional energy, there are no short-cuts.  It is real though, and there are good reasons why I’m doing it.    So I’m writing about… Continue reading Working on the Difficult Stuff: March Practice Notes