Are you Caring in Norwich?

What would you notice if Caring was valued more, in the way we live and work in Norwich?    Are you Caring for someone in Norwich?  Would you be willing to talk to me about your experiences?    I’m looking at the future of the Caring Economy in Norwich for the Good Economy Commission.    What’s… Continue reading Are you Caring in Norwich?

The Future of Caring in the Norwich Economy

Between now and the end of March 2022 I’m talking to people in Norwich, the regional city centre of Norfolk, England, about how care is valued in the wider economy.   It’s part of the research and innovation work that the Norwich Good Economy Commission is funding.    Amongst the movement of inclusive economic thinking… Continue reading The Future of Caring in the Norwich Economy

The practice of noticing

Whatever phase we’re all in now, it’s so easy to be so deeply enmeshed in it, that I cannot look up or around to notice what’s occurring.     Whilst so much is back and forth and so much still feels like it is on hold.  Even if the next phase is to be towards something… Continue reading The practice of noticing

Where is our ambition for community-led tech?

A few months ago I shared the Bennett Institute’s ground-breaking synthesis of research on Community Infrastructure. Making the case for investment in spaces and places that enable people to meet across distinct lines in communities of place. That – they argue – have more impact on the economics and wellbeing of communities than large scale, politically attractive… Continue reading Where is our ambition for community-led tech?

Boardroom Diplomacy

Image by MagicDesk from Pixabay

6 months into the pandemic I heard an impressive social entrepreneur talk about persuading government to change tac.  One element that made it possible was the inclusivity of meeting virtually: “There’s no head of the table on Zoom” they said. Fast forward another 8 months and, as we plan for a return to being able… Continue reading Boardroom Diplomacy

The way our brains really work – Mindfullness for organisational behaviour?

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

I came across some critiquing of the practice of Mindfullness in organisations this week.  On the one hand, seeing it as essential for dealing with everyday stresses, not least of a digital world that attracts us towards automatic, but unhelpful behaviour.  On the other hand, seeing the investment in these practices as preventing us noticing,… Continue reading The way our brains really work – Mindfullness for organisational behaviour?

Brave New Work – book review

I was introduced to this book as a game-changer, and that was spot-on.  This book will be on MBA set text lists and will radically alter our practice in organisations.  In a week where the Economist highlighted the pervading scepticism of ‘responsible capitalism’ in elite MBA schools. This book busts the myth that inclusion and… Continue reading Brave New Work – book review