March Media Review Storytelling for 2030

Review of media for March. Stories that we need to help us move towards net zero. Why stories matter; and some of them. Stories that work with what we know about human behaviour: we need pulls towards what we want, not just stories of loss.

February Media Review

Reviews of articles, podcasts and TV documentary. Covering work futures, blame culture and imagination for social change.

Innovation through an era of expensive cash

Steve Buissinne

We’re going to see major adjustments to how we do capital investment. We’re entering an era of more expensive cash. Shorter timeframes for returns. Tighter rules on how we value future assets.   The risk is that these changes ossify existing political and economic power through constraining access to finance. If you’re tacitly supporting the… Continue reading Innovation through an era of expensive cash

Your imagination: why it needs practice to fire it up, and three ways to do it

I’ve been teaching more foresight recently, and noticing how easy it is to get out of practice in using our imagination.  Being able to describe a different future from now is critical in our practice of change.  But in our efforts to be productive and use robust data in our work, I think we’ve got… Continue reading Your imagination: why it needs practice to fire it up, and three ways to do it

Independent Chair, Norfolk Disability

Search for a Chair

Do you care about social justice and want to see equality in how disabled people live their lives?  Do you have the skills and experience to lead a group of disabled people, their carers and disability organisations?  To make the most of a year ahead of major policy reforms to social care? This group has… Continue reading Independent Chair, Norfolk Disability

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

I had a coffee with a new person this week, who is just doing that brilliant thing of reaching out.  So good to connect.  To listen, talk and be heard. We ended up having a conversation about getting our Mojo back – making the time and space to focus on the work that makes us… Continue reading Happy Sunday

The Future of Caring in Norwich: report and webinar

Happy Sunday

Imagine Norwich as a City where…. Caring with each other is front and centre. It is easy to connect with strangers and neighbours alike. These connections help us tackle climate and energy issues; and develop a vibrant future for work. We can listen intently to the dehumanising stories of our neighbours, to hear the limits… Continue reading The Future of Caring in Norwich: report and webinar

Are you Caring in Norwich?

Happy Sunday

What would you notice if Caring was valued more, in the way we live and work in Norwich?  Are you Caring for someone in Norwich?  Would you be willing to talk to me about your experiences?    I’m looking at the future of the Caring Economy in Norwich for the Good Economy Commission.    What’s likely… Continue reading Are you Caring in Norwich?

The Future of Caring in the Norwich Economy

Between now and the end of March 2022 I’m talking to people in Norwich, the regional city centre of Norfolk, England, about how care is valued in the wider economy. It’s part of the research and innovation work that the Norwich Good Economy Commission is funding.  Amongst the movement of inclusive economic thinking and practice,… Continue reading The Future of Caring in the Norwich Economy

The practice of noticing

Whatever phase we’re all in now, it’s so easy to be so deeply enmeshed in it, that I cannot look up or around to notice what’s occurring.     Whilst so much is back and forth and so much still feels like it is on hold.  Even if the next phase is to be towards something… Continue reading The practice of noticing